Housing that works for us downsizing!

Housing that works for us downsizing!

How do our needs evolve?  Downsizing house?

So we are interesting creatures really.  We start out completely dependent on our parents for all our care.  We hope that they can provide safety and nourishment that helps us to develop into well rounded people.  At some stage though we all need to reduce and downsize our house.

Then we fly solo!

The responsibility then falls to us to look after, initially ourselves (put down that glue) and eventually our own partners, offspring, returning relatives and wider community.  In each of these stages of our lives we have different needs.  It would be fair to say that at each stage there might be different housing requirement and after we have raised our family what happens next??  Big empty homes with lots of great memories but large maintenance commitments and running costs.  The first thought might be to sell and relocate…..  Apart from the horrific costs, have you had any success finding a suitable next home?  It might need to include quality specification, accessible living, low maintenance and in an community that you are comfortable with.  My guess is not likely.  In Australia our fascination with detached housing has developed almost exclusively the family model (thinking Volvo Wagon) and nobody is thinking of a suitable downsizer solution.  If a village situation appeals, great, but these options are in short supply.  So what alternatives are available next?

Could you keep your current address and refresh to suit your current stage of life.

Certainly in some cases this is a relatively simple process and will deliver a value for money solution in your existing location.  Perhaps think about how this stage could evolve and where you see yourselves being in 5, 10 and 15 years from now would make sense rather than relocating to learn to adapt in a whole new community.

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